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Review Title: We love THE MIRACLE TREE❤️

I bought this book to read to my son, my miracle, Xander. When I was pregnant, they found a severe heart defect and did not give him much hope for life. Through the process my husband and I decided to give his life to Jesus and pray every single day for healing. He had an open heart surgery at 8 months old and one at 2 1/2.

This story brought me to tears. It was so beautifully written that I could relate to it from a mother’s point of view. But, also so relatable for my son to even understand. He related to sweet little Austin in the story and how Jesus was with her just like he was with him🙏

If you have had a little one in the hospital or know your little one will be there soon, this is a must buy. There is hope so much greater than you could ever imagine.

Thank you Austin for writing this book for all the parents and sweet little ones out there who are in need of their miracle tree🙏

Psalms 34:18

Review Title: An inspiring story, that helps children cope with medical trauma.

I recently met Austin Highsmith Garces at a book signing at a community pirate event and found her to be an authentic and caring person. I was delighted to purchase a signed copy of her book to read to my grandchildren.
In this simple, straightforward story of little girl’s journey through a life saving surgery, Austin Highsmith Garces reminds us of the power of prayer and the joy of celebration. In this delightful children’s book, The Miracle Tree, the reader has a comforting glimpse at the medical world and a stay in the hospital. Garces defuses a frightful situation by introducing children to the process and the people that helped her through her illness. She shares how her own father turned a scary time into an opportunity to help other children and created a cherished family tradition.

Review Title: Heartwarming

This book is a must read, especially for children who are or have been in the hospital. The Miracle Tree is so inspirational and heartwarming! Loved it!

Goodreads reviews

When I realized the intention behind Austin Highsmith Garces' book, The Miracle Tree, tears filled my eyes and I felt my heart swell. Most likely, my response was because I didn't expect such compassion from a well-known, iconic actress. To say the least, I was touched by her genuine concern to help kids dealing with illnesses.

Having worked in the medical field for more than 20 years, I saw the devastation that illness, disease, trauma, and unanswered questions leaves with children and their families. Austin touches upon these fears in a way that children can better anticipate what might be ahead with hospital experiences and their own miracles.

Barnes & noble reviews

Review Title: This true story really touched me! The power of prayer and family ...

This true story really touched me! The power of prayer and family strength is a great way to bring comfort and support to any child in this heartfelt and entertaining sweet story. I love the way the tree feels like a character. The story definitely lit up the child I gave it to!

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Review Title: The Miracle Tree is Amazing!

The Miracle Tree, written by actress and producer Austin Highsmith Garces, is the true story of her personal experience with a life-threatening medical condition when was only 2 years old. Adults have a hard time handling illness, but for a child to be faced with serious medical issues can be truly devastating. Austin has shared her experience, and how she and her family relied upon their faith in God, and the result is a wonderful book that can help people of all ages understand that challenges can be overcome. 35 years after her surgery, Austin has found a new way to help sick children, and their frightened parents.